About the Coder School

We are an after-school drop-off program for kids learning to code. There’s after-school kung fu. There’s after-school music lessons. Sports, art, tutoring, Chinese, you name it, it’s out there. But after school coding for kids? We’re the first of hopefully many. The future will be ever more dependent on technology so let’s get our young generation ready. Learn to Code, Change the World.

Why coding for kids?

In the recent few years, the movement to teach kids to code has surged in a big way. Code.org reports that there are almost 600,000 computing jobs open, and only less than 60,000 Comp Sci students (that’s one-tenth!) graduating into the work force. Now’s the time to get our kids ready! Learn to code. Change the world.®

Does the business model work?

It sure does! We started our first school back in 2014, when coding for kids was just starting to become hot. We’ve learned tons of lessons along the way, and found a way to be successful AND document the playbook for others to follow. That is, after all, the reason you buy into a franchise system, right? You follow our proven, successful model that we’ve perfected over multiple successful locations. Now does the business model work automatically? Heck no! That’s where you come in – it’s up to the owner to take our playbook and make it work.

What makes an ideal franchisee?

We’re not looking for super deep technical architects, nor are we looking for passive investors who want to invest in the movement. Our owners want to give back to the community and get excited about kids when their eyes light up, and are looking for an impactful business to own. Our owners have a great business sense and love to provide good customer service. While owners don’t necessarily need a technical background, they understand the impact that kids learning to code can have on our future, and have the ability to pick up enough technical chops to run a Coder School!

What are the initial fees and royalties?

We’re not here to make a quick buck off you, we’re here to get more kids coding in a quality way. So our fees tend to run lower than many other franchises. Direct from our FDD, our initial fees are $29,950 (subsequent locations $19,950), and a 5% royalty of gross receipts. We also have a Brand Fund of 1%, used for furthering the brand as a whole.

What are the startup costs?

The investment needed to start up a school is between about $65,000 and $150,000. That large range isn’t just because of local cost factors, it’s also because some owners are better at negotiating than others. Taking the first bid that comes to you? Not a good thing. Getting 8 bids and sharpening everyone’s pencil? Now that’s how you negotiate! There’s levers you can adjust to impact what part of the range you’re in, but that is the expected range of total up front investment (including rent, initial fees, working capital, everything!). We also require that you have a net worth of $250k+ and liquid capital of $50k.

Can I really make a living doing this?

The short answer – we can’t answer that for you! It’s really all up to you. Are you good at relationships? Are you good with giant to-do lists? Good with numbers, hiring, marketing? Are you the manager or are you hiring one? Like any business, the success or failure of it is up to the owner(s) running it. As the franchisor, we can provide a great successful playbook – but in the end, it’s up to you (with our support) to execute it well! What we CAN say is that our locations have been quite successful for some time, and we think we’ve figured out how to bottle it for our franchisees – so if you’re a good business person, you might have a good shot at a great business.

Do I need to know how to code?

Generally, owners with experience in technology certainly have an advantage, as that is what we teach. However, we’re not a tech business – we’re a customer service business! We can teach you the things you need to know about coding (and you’ll need folks on your staff that can answer the tougher tech questions), and we’ll look to you to have great business smarts and an inherent ability to run a customer-oriented business.

Company Founded


Current Leadership

Hansel Lynn, CEO/FoFranchises Under

Started Franchising

2015 (6 years)

Total Number of Units

47 (as of 2020)

Part-Time / Full-Time

Full Time

How Much Does It Cost To Open A the Coder School Franchise?

There are several costs associated with opening a the Coder School franchise. There is typically a franchise fee set by the franchisor, which covers the costs of opening a franchise location. Some other commons fees include equipment fees, marketing fees, licensing fees, insurance, and taxes, to name a few.

Some franchises may have a weekly fee that the franchisee pays for operating a the Coder School franchise. The weekly fee for opening a the Coder School franchise is not specified.

The full breakdown of these fees can be found in the Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) provided to franchisees by the franchisor. The FDD report will contain additional information such as whether the franchise is renewable (the Coder School Is Renewable) and does the franchise offer financing support (the Coder School the Coder School offers no financial support).

the Coder School Company Details

Here are some additional details about the Coder School.

Initial Investment $29,950
Net Worth Requirement $250,000
Royalty Fee 5%
Ad Royalty 1%
Cash Requirement $50,000
Term of Agreement 10 years
Absentee Ownership No
Run from Home No
Part Time No

Training and Support Offered By the Coder School

the Coder School offers several support options to its franchisees. With 47 (as of 2020) units, the Coder School aims to provide support to each franchise owner to help them operate a successful franchise location. the Coder School offers 8 hours on the job training, 14.5 hours classroom training, and Weekly calls additional training.

Training and Support Offered

Here are the support options offered by the Coder School.

On-The-Job Training 8 hours
Classroom Training 14.5 hours
Additional Training Weekly calls
Ongoing Support
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Grand Opening
  • Online Support
  • Security & Safety Procedures
  • Field Operations
  • Site Selection
  • Proprietary Software
  • Franchisee Intranet Platform
Marketing Support
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Ad Templates
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing

Is the Coder School Right For You?

the Coder School has gone digital! Here are all of the ways you can find the Coder School online. Oftentimes, you can reach out to current franchisees of the Coder School online. Current franchisees may be able to offer personalized insights into what it is like owning a the Coder School franchise and offer tips to running a successful the Coder School franchise location.


Why Should You Start a the Coder School Franchise?

Investing in a Children franchise such as the Coder School can kickstart your franchise portfolio. Our goal at Why Franchise is to provide you with the resources needed to be a successful franchise owner. Fill out the form below to get more information about the Coder School franchise and we'll be in touch soon!

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