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Founded in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has accelerated to become the largest Business Sales Organization in Nevada. More than half of the total number of agents who sell businesses in Las Vegas work for First Choice Business Brokers – thus giving Buyers and Sellers the largest network of business brokers. Our exclusive listings are available to First Choice agents only.

FCBB is a member in good standing with the Institute of Business Appraisers, International Business Brokers Association and a member of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.
Our team of agents come from varied backgrounds such as accounting, legal, banking, real estate and insurance. All agents have gone through extensive training becoming experts in the field of business evaluation, marketing and negotiations to satisfy both buyers and sellers alike.

The buying or selling of a business should never be compared to the purchasing or selling of a home. You deserve experienced, licensed professionals who specialize in business sales – you need First Choice Business Brokers. We are large enough to offer the Buyer the greatest selection of businesses available, yet small enough to give the Seller individual attention.

To build a team of specialists; Business Brokers that assist entrepreneurial minded people to buy or sell their business, providing them with the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of.
We are the world’s leading specialist in Business Sales and will continue to lead the way with innovative and creative systems to enable every entrepreneurial minded person to create and build the future, through business.

1. Integrity – I do what I say, my word is my honor. I always speak the truth. My integrity is a critical asset and I am committed to upholding it. I set high standards. I abide by these standards as I practice business fairly and behave ethically. I share my expectations with others and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust, and goodwill.
2. Professionalism – I hold myself to the highest standard and continually work at raising my standard. I am Professional in the way I present myself, in the way that I work, and in the way I communicate with people.
3. Commitment – I am united by an unspoken pledge, bound by my convictions. I prize dedication and am moved to help others. I am committed to achieving my vision and by doing so, will help others achieve theirs.
4. Passion – I wholeheartedly believe in my company. Its goals and objectives are in line with my own; I enthusiastically embrace them, and relentlessly pursue them. More importantly, I truly believe in myself, my company and in what I wish to achieve in life, I am committed to making that happen.
5. Communication – How I communicate with others will determine my level of success. I Franchises Understand that when I am communicating, it is my responsibility to ensure I am Franchises Understood. I communicate immediately when I have questions and communicate directly with the person involved. Integrity and trust are key to open communication and are the basis of our culture.
6. Life Balance – I enjoy life and my work. I am cheerful, happy, and enjoy a balance between my work life, my leisure time, my spiritual life, and my family life.
7. Family – I value my time with my family and the impact that they have on my life. I spend time with each family member and work at always improving my relationship with them. I realize that while I can choose my friends, I can’t choose my family. It is my responsibility to create relationships with each member that are positive to both my own life and theirs.
8. Team – I realize that I cannot achieve all that I want in life, on my own. I need my team and they need me. Together we help each other achieve our goals. I realize that Together Everyone Achieves More.
9. Open-minded – I am open to learning new things. I am open to other people’s points of view and realize that they do not need to be the same as mine. I embrace change and realize that in order to be successful in life, I need to be adaptable.
10. Leadership – I am a leader. I inspire and lead my team, keeping them excited and focused on our goal. I help my team achieve their goals and in doing so, I am able to achieve mine. I constantly seek to become a better leader.
11. Accountability & Responsibility – I am accountable for my actions and the effect these actions have on others. I realize that what I have, who I have become, and who I will become is my responsibility. I seek out to improve myself and learn from my past; while I enjoy the present moment, striving to create a better future for myself and my company.

Consider Owning a First Choice Business Brokers Franchise

Today’s marketplace is experiencing the largest transition of ownership in history. This lucrative market provides you with a tremendous opportunity.

Are you looking for an exciting opportunity that offers unlimited earning potential and flexible hours?

We help business owners find buyers for their business and we help buyers find the right business for their future.

– Over 1 million new businesses start each year. Enormous Market = Enormous Opportunity
– Nationwide there are over 27.5 million small to medium sized businesses.
– Most business owners think they can only grow their business or close the business, they only fantasize about selling.
– Business Brokers provide a much needed service in today’s market due to the lack of succession – our goal is to educate business owners that they have options.
– There are only approximately 4,000 Business Brokers in the U.S. to provide services to business owners and business buyers.
– Business Brokerage is a unique specialized niche industry with both personal and financial rewards.
– Business Brokerage is still in its infancy poised for massive growth in today’s economy.

This could be YOUR Opportunity!

Founded in 1994, First Choice Business Brokers has grown into a family of over a hundred brokers and agents nationwide, an “Entrepreneur Franchise 500” ranked business opportunity. We assist buyers and sellers of mainstreet and lower middle market with their buy/sell transactions in the most professional and effective manner possible, and are leaders in our industry, with operating methods and procedures that are second to none.

Consider these advantages of a business brokerage over almost any other type of franchise:

– Low initial investment
– Low overhead and no inventory
– Few or no employees
– Repeat Clientele creating exponential growth
– Highly expandable and scalable
– Business-to-business only
– No previous experience required
– Daytime and weekday hours
– Work in your local community

The retirement of self-employed baby boomers, corporate downsizing, and the ever-improving affordability of business entities have created an enormous market for decades to come. Of even greater importance is the resiliency of our industry to economic cycles. Business sales allow for the freedom of creative financing which may not include outside lenders, so credit scores and interest rates are much less of an issue (and a headache) in our industry than in others.

As an owner of a First Choice Business Brokers franchise, you receive:

First Choice provides the most comprehensive initial and on-going training available to franchisees and their agents.

The most elaborate and efficient proprietary software in the industry, which not only houses and posts your business listings, but acts as your office administration hub organizing every aspect of your business from A to Z.

The most detailed “living contracts” and forms in the industry, which have become near “bullet proof” following thousands of closed business sales over the last 25 years of operations. Experience Counts!

Company Founded


Current Leadership

Jeff Nyman, CEO

Started Franchising

2005 (16 years)

Total Number of Units

41 (as of 2020)

Part-Time / Full-Time

Part Time

How Much Does It Cost To Open A First Choice Business Brokers Franchise?

There are several costs associated with opening a First Choice Business Brokers franchise. There is typically a franchise fee set by the franchisor, which covers the costs of opening a franchise location. Some other commons fees include equipment fees, marketing fees, licensing fees, insurance, and taxes, to name a few.

Some franchises may have a weekly fee that the franchisee pays for operating a First Choice Business Brokers franchise. The weekly fee for opening a First Choice Business Brokers franchise is Royalty Fee Is Due By The 5Th Day Of Each Month.

The full breakdown of these fees can be found in the Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) provided to franchisees by the franchisor. The FDD report will contain additional information such as whether the franchise is renewable (First Choice Business Brokers Is Renewable) and does the franchise offer financing support (First Choice Business Brokers First Choice Business Brokers has relationships with third-party sources which offer financing to cover the following: franchise fee, startup costs).

First Choice Business Brokers Company Details

Here are some additional details about First Choice Business Brokers.

Parent Company Loyalty Brands
Initial Investment $45,000
Veteran Incentives 10% off franchise fee
Royalty Fee 10-7%
Ad Royalty $250/mo.
Term of Agreement 10 years
Absentee Ownership No
Run from Home Yes
Part Time Yes

Training and Support Offered By First Choice Business Brokers

First Choice Business Brokers offers several support options to its franchisees. With 41 (as of 2020) units, First Choice Business Brokers aims to provide support to each franchise owner to help them operate a successful franchise location. First Choice Business Brokers offers No on the job training, 46 hours classroom training, and No additional training.

Training and Support Offered

Here are the support options offered by First Choice Business Brokers.

On-The-Job Training No
Classroom Training 46 hours
Additional Training No
Ongoing Support
  • Purchasing Co-ops
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Toll-Free Line
  • Grand Opening
  • Online Support
  • Security & Safety Procedures
  • Lease Negotiation
  • Field Operations
  • Site Selection
  • Proprietary Software
  • Franchisee Intranet Platform
Marketing Support
  • Ad Templates
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
Estimated Revenue $1M to $10M
First Choice Business Brokers Logo

Is First Choice Business Brokers Right For You?

First Choice Business Brokers has gone digital! Here are all of the ways you can find First Choice Business Brokers online. Oftentimes, you can reach out to current franchisees of First Choice Business Brokers online. Current franchisees may be able to offer personalized insights into what it is like owning a First Choice Business Brokers franchise and offer tips to running a successful First Choice Business Brokers franchise location.


Why Should You Start a First Choice Business Brokers Franchise?

Investing in a Consultants & Business Brokers franchise such as First Choice Business Brokers can kickstart your franchise portfolio. Our goal at Why Franchise is to provide you with the resources needed to be a successful franchise owner. Fill out the form below to get more information about First Choice Business Brokers franchise and we'll be in touch soon!

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