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Step into a D1 training facility and you’ll immediately recognize that we’re not your average big-box membership gym. Unlike those gyms, which charge small membership fees and provide little in the way of service or support, D1 assembles teams of highly qualified trainers, fitness experts and support personnel to provide our clients with a balance of cardio workout and strength training typically reserved for elite athletes at Division 1 schools. In fact, many of our staff and owners were elite athletes at D1 schools. After all, it takes the best to train the best — and that’s exactly what we’re doing at D1 Training.

D1 Training franchise is a membership-based gym and boutique fitness franchise that provides individual and group training classes in a state-of-the-art facility, the likes of which are normally found on the campuses of the biggest schools and in the training centers of the best teams. Our trainers provide instruction in basic athleticism, advanced cross-training and fitness, and targeted workouts to improve overall performance. D1 trainers provide advanced athletic training for clients of all ages, from team conditioning for the junior high football team to strength and endurance classes for individuals looking to improve their overall health. D1 Training is the advanced gym for the whole family.


D1 Training franchise provides you the opportunity to join the $30 billion fitness industry, an explosive market that’s experiencing a staggering 2.1% growth each year, according to business research firm IBIS World1. Breaking into this growing industry doesn’t have to break the bank. In fact, you will realize how remarkably affordable D1 franchise costs are.

D1 franchise costs are so affordable because of the 45 million kids in sports ever year.
Total investment costs to open your D1 franchise costs from $223,560 to $692,350.

With startup costs ranging between $223,560 and $692,350, opening a D1 Training franchise is a remarkably affordable way to get into the potentially lucrative fitness industry. Learn more about how much you can make, or become a part of D1 today.


Success in a big-box gym chain, where a $10 membership fee gets clients access to equipment and provides little else, requires volume and lots of it. Hundreds of new clients sign up every month at box gym fitness franchises because hundreds simply quit paying their dues. That’s not the case with D1 Training franchise, where average membership rosters run between 200 and 300 clients. Because our model is built on small-group personal training classes and an athletic-focused philosophy, our fitness facilities are able to focus on providing the best fitness and training programs on the market. We avoid the trap of wasting needless hours trying to pull hundreds of new members through the door at the first of the month, only to waste more hours at the end of the month on an endless string of collections and reminder calls.

Our clients love the services, the facilities and the hands-on experience they receive at D1 Training, which is why they’re willing to pay more for their membership dues, commit to a long-term program and follow through with their fitness regimens. All the while, they benefit from encouragement and accountability — two vital components of effective and lasting personal fitness — producing loyal members and lasting results. Individual and family memberships mean that D1 can become the fitness destination for the whole family.


Here’s a typical D1 Training franchise scenario: a local high school team participates in strength conditioning. Their families come to watch and, impressed by the quality of the training, they become loyal D1 clients, as well. Through small-group classes built around the idea that each individual is an athlete, D1’s skilled trainers meet the clients where they are and craft routines to meet the specific needs.

It’s a level of training typically reserved for Division 1 athletes. That’s why D1 athletes are more committed to their fitness — and more willing to pay a higher membership fee than people who join a typical neighborhood workout franchise.


Look at the crowded market for big box gyms and certain factors stand out. These facilities provide little in the way of a fitness community, and they get large volumes of people through the door with the promise of ultra-low membership fees. Combined, this leads to high membership turnover. At the end of the month, managers have to scramble to convince enough members to renew lapsing memberships. In other words, clients join on a lark and then fall off quickly.

D1 Training franchise attracts individuals and families who are committed to high-quality athletic training, and so they’re willing to pay more to train in our facilities with our skilled coaches. The result is a fitness facility unlike any other, where clients aren’t just members — they’re athletes. And, unlike other other gym franchise opportunities where membership is almost exclusively focused on attracting adult members, D1 Training is diversified across all ages. Here’s a breakdown of just a few of our core membership targets:

Athletes in the youth categories, the Rookies and Developmental classes, typically come to us by way of small-group and team-building classes. By the time these student athletes turn 15 and transition to our Preps class, they and their parents are eyeing continued sports participation into college — often at a Division 1 athletics program.

Company Founded


Current Leadership

Will Bartholomew, FoFranchises Under/CEO

Started Franchising

2015 (6 years)

Total Number of Units

44 (as of 2020)

Part-Time / Full-Time

Full Time

How Much Does It Cost To Open A D1 Sports Franchise LLC Franchise?

There are several costs associated with opening a D1 Sports Franchise LLC franchise. There is typically a franchise fee set by the franchisor, which covers the costs of opening a franchise location. Some other commons fees include equipment fees, marketing fees, licensing fees, insurance, and taxes, to name a few.

Some franchises may have a weekly fee that the franchisee pays for operating a D1 Sports Franchise LLC franchise. The weekly fee for opening a D1 Sports Franchise LLC franchise is not specified.

The full breakdown of these fees can be found in the Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) provided to franchisees by the franchisor. The FDD report will contain additional information such as whether the franchise is renewable (D1 Sports Franchise LLC Is Renewable) and does the franchise offer financing support (D1 Sports Franchise LLC D1 Sports Franchise LLC has relationships with third-party sources which offer financing to cover the following: startup costs).

D1 Sports Franchise LLC Company Details

Here are some additional details about D1 Sports Franchise LLC.

Initial Investment $59,500
Net Worth Requirement $500,000
Veteran Incentives 10% off franchise fee or area development fee
Royalty Fee 7%
Ad Royalty $250/mo.
Cash Requirement $250,000
Term of Agreement 7 years
Absentee Ownership No
Run from Home No
Part Time No

Training and Support Offered By D1 Sports Franchise LLC

D1 Sports Franchise LLC offers several support options to its franchisees. With 44 (as of 2020) units, D1 Sports Franchise LLC aims to provide support to each franchise owner to help them operate a successful franchise location. D1 Sports Franchise LLC offers 30 hours on the job training, 25 hours classroom training, and No additional training.

Training and Support Offered

Here are the support options offered by D1 Sports Franchise LLC.

On-The-Job Training 30 hours
Classroom Training 25 hours
Additional Training No
Ongoing Support
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Grand Opening
  • Online Support
  • Field Operations
  • Site Selection
  • Franchisee Intranet Platform
Marketing Support
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Ad Templates
  • National Media
  • Regional Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Loyalty Program/App
D1 Sports Franchise LLC Logo

Is D1 Sports Franchise LLC Right For You?

D1 Sports Franchise LLC has gone digital! Here are all of the ways you can find D1 Sports Franchise LLC online. Oftentimes, you can reach out to current franchisees of D1 Sports Franchise LLC online. Current franchisees may be able to offer personalized insights into what it is like owning a D1 Sports Franchise LLC franchise and offer tips to running a successful D1 Sports Franchise LLC franchise location.


Why Should You Start a D1 Sports Franchise LLC Franchise?

Investing in a Fitness franchise such as D1 Sports Franchise LLC can kickstart your franchise portfolio. Our goal at Why Franchise is to provide you with the resources needed to be a successful franchise owner. Fill out the form below to get more information about D1 Sports Franchise LLC franchise and we'll be in touch soon!

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