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About Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That is a well-established, reputable North American franchise. Our franchise organization was founded in 2001 and ‘Bin There Dump That’ has operated as a franchise since 2004. That speaks to the consistency and dependability of our customer service. It means you’re dealing with a locally owned and operated franchise that has invested their future in providing you with outstanding customer service. Their kids go to the same schools that yours do; they’re part of your community and have a vested interest in making your bin/dumpster rental a pleasant, hassle-free experience. Our Mission Goes Beyond Dumpster Rentals.

Bin There Dump That is dedicated to managing and disposing of our clients trash in a responsible and professional manner. To be the name recognized as the premier disposal professionals in our market. Provide top quality service that yields both value and customer satisfaction. By maintaining this quality our company will expand and our profits will grow through new opportunities and repeat business.

This is an organization that expects to earn a profit, thereby enabling our team members, franchisees, corporate partners and suppliers to prosper. We are committed to abide by the highest ethical and moral principles and work to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

We recognize that our organization is only as strong at its Team Members. We will maintain a working environment that encourages personal growth, creativity, open-mindedness and a positive mental attitude. Each Team Member that demonstrates a strong work ethic and an assumption of responsibility will share in the successes of this organization. We will endeavor to provide our customer with the highest value through professional service, reliability and the use of high-quality products.

We are committed to community support through both personal and corporate involvement. We will continuously strive to make a positive impact on the people and companies with whom we do business.
Above all else, we will treat others in the manner that they would like to be treated.

From Anchorage, Alaska to Chicago, Illinois to Fort Myers, Florida and everywhere in-between, our commitment is simple and shared throughout our franchise system – to give you a Residential Friendly dumpster service experience that is so good that you will refer us to family, friends or business associates.

Why Bin There Dump That?

Bin There Dump That is a simple, repeatable business driven by our ability to offer world class customer service. We’re the easy button in an often cluttered and confusing industry. We strive to provide a service with no hassles, consistently on time, respectful of our customer’s property with clean trucks and compact bins that fit where the customer wants them and are delivered by professional Dumpster Delivery Experts.

Our service is residential friendly and customer experience focused.

Why use a second rate service when you can go first class?

Our Services:

Our dumpster rental services are perfect for people who are in the process of:

– Moving or downsizing
– Cleaning up or clearing out
– Remodelling or renovating
– Doing a home project
– Environmental/disaster remediation

Bin There Dump That offers a unique dumpster rental experience with attention to detail which is not common in the dumpster rental industry.

Some features of our system include:

– Clean, bright and compact dumpsters that fit into spaces that traditional dumpsters are too big for, such as tight driveways, alleys and laneways. We can even fit dumpsters into some enclosed spaces like garages.
– Our driveway protection system. Our bins never sit directly on the ground and so they won’t cause damage to our customers’ property – simple as that.
– Double-door access so it’s easy to walk debris directly into the bin. This can help our customers utilize the space in the bin more effectively.
– A smaller footprint – our bins are designed to take up less space in our customers’ driveway, yet still hold a significant amount of debris. We’ve built the walls taller and kept the footprint smaller so homeowners and contractors can still park their vehicles, and work around the bin while placed on site.
However our dumpsters are only part of what make Bin There Dump That so unique in the market. The real differentiator is how we interact with our customers and provide an unmatched customer service experience.

First impressions matter. No one likes calling to inquire about a service only to get the company’s voicemail or a long automated message. At Bin There Dump That we strive to answer the phone every single time it rings both during and after hours (ask us how!) so we never miss an opportunity to help our customers.

Our Dumpster Consultants are trained to ask questions and guide our customers towards choosing the right sized dumpster for their particular project. We don’t expect people to be experts in dumpsters (that’s our job), so we also provide a handy guidebook on “Everything you Need To Know About Renting A Dumpster”.

Once the pricing has been explained and the job has been booked, our Dumpster Delivery Expert will deliver the dumpster during the agreed upon delivery window. They will have all the information needed to make it a seamless delivery, including on which side of the driveway to place the dumpster.

When the bin is full simply call your local Bin There Dump That operator to come pick it up. The Dumpster Delivery Expert will even ensure that your property is swept up and tidy before they go.

Our customers will receive their invoice via email which will show transparent pricing and should never have any surprises. We work hard to make the dumpster rental process effortless for our valued customers.

Our Customers:

Bin There Dump That is North America’s only provider of Residential Friendly Dumpsters®. And although the term “residential” may seem like we only cater to homeowners, half of a Bin There Dump That Franchise Operator’s customers are, in fact, contractors. They key is that these contractors work on and in people’s homes… residential!

The application for Bin There Dump That is perfectly suited to both homeowners and contractors. Many of our contractor customers include:

– General contractors and remodelling specialists
– Disaster restoration companies
– Roofing companies
– Property managers

We also work hard to help our local Franchise Operators build their contractor business through our National Relationships program. We have corporate team-members who are working hard to build relationships with national contractor companies, like Paul Davis Systems, 911 Restoration, Alair Homes, PuroClean, BP Environmental and 1-800 Board Up. The relationship is built on the corporate level and then passed down to the local Franchise Operator to work with their local contact. It’s a win-win and a huge advantage to being part of a Franchise System.

Our Competition:

Debris removal for remodeling, renovations, re-roofing, disaster clean-up, home projects and other personal reasons have fueled the need for roll-offs, dumpsters and mini-bins for years. There is an established demand and the market is mature, however it is highly fragmented.

There are the big players who specialize in heavy industrial projects, new home construction, commercial business (restaurants and retail) and city-contracted curbside pickups. And in each city there are also a number of what we call “Dumpster Dave” type companies – a truck driver, owner-operator with a handful of dumpsters, a cell phone, maybe a website and usually nothing more than a prayer as a marketing plan.

Part of the due diligence and market evaluation we ask of every franchise candidate is to call and interview all the competitors in your area. We believe you’ll be shocked at how poor to non-existent the customer service will be, to say nothing of the complete lack of closing the sale, which permeates the industry and always gives Bin There Dump That a HUGE competitive advantage in each market.

Most people perceive that bad things happen in traditional dumpsters. They catch on fire, they smell, they are usually old rust buckets! Traditional dumpsters are huge, long whales that crack driveways and are placed far away from your project. Homeowner Associations and cities ordinances are not friends with traditional dumpsters. Let’s face it, using a traditional dumpster is like using a port-a-potty – sometimes needed, rarely enjoyed!

Company Founded


Current Leadership

Mike Kernaghan, CEO

Started Franchising

2003 (18 years)

Total Number of Units

186 (as of 2020)

Part-Time / Full-Time

Full Time

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Bin There Dump That Franchise?

There are several costs associated with opening a Bin There Dump That franchise. There is typically a franchise fee set by the franchisor, which covers the costs of opening a franchise location. Some other commons fees include equipment fees, marketing fees, licensing fees, insurance, and taxes, to name a few.

Some franchises may have a weekly fee that the franchisee pays for operating a Bin There Dump That franchise. The weekly fee for opening a Bin There Dump That franchise is Royalty Fee Is Due On The 1St Day Of Each Month.

The full breakdown of these fees can be found in the Financial Disclosure Document (FDD) provided to franchisees by the franchisor. The FDD report will contain additional information such as whether the franchise is renewable (Bin There Dump That Is Renewable) and does the franchise offer financing support (Bin There Dump That Bin There Dump That has relationships with third-party sources which offer financing to cover the following: franchise fee, startup costs, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, payroll).

Bin There Dump That Company Details

Here are some additional details about Bin There Dump That.

Parent Company Bin There Dump That USA LLC
Initial Investment $29,000 - $45,000
Net Worth Requirement $350,000
Veteran Incentives Royalty fee waived for first year, first truck
Royalty Fee $500-$1K/vehicle/mo.
Ad Royalty $1.2K-$2.4K/truck/mo
Cash Requirement $75,000 - $180,000
Term of Agreement 10 years
Absentee Ownership No
Run from Home Yes
Part Time No

Training and Support Offered By Bin There Dump That

Bin There Dump That offers several support options to its franchisees. With 186 (as of 2020) units, Bin There Dump That aims to provide support to each franchise owner to help them operate a successful franchise location. Bin There Dump That offers 16 hours on the job training, 40 hours classroom training, and No additional training.

Training and Support Offered

Here are the support options offered by Bin There Dump That.

On-The-Job Training 16 hours
Classroom Training 40 hours
Additional Training No
Ongoing Support
  • Purchasing Co-ops
  • Newsletter
  • Meetings & Conventions
  • Grand Opening
  • Online Support
  • Security & Safety Procedures
  • Field Operations
  • Site Selection
  • Proprietary Software
  • Franchisee Intranet Platform
Marketing Support
  • Co-op Advertising
  • Ad Templates
  • National Media
  • Regional Advertising
  • Social Media
  • SEO
  • Website Development
  • Email Marketing
  • Loyalty Program/App
Bin There Dump That Logo

Is Bin There Dump That Right For You?

Bin There Dump That has gone digital! Here are all of the ways you can find Bin There Dump That online. Oftentimes, you can reach out to current franchisees of Bin There Dump That online. Current franchisees may be able to offer personalized insights into what it is like owning a Bin There Dump That franchise and offer tips to running a successful Bin There Dump That franchise location.


Why Should You Start a Bin There Dump That Franchise?

Investing in a Cleaning franchise such as Bin There Dump That can kickstart your franchise portfolio. Our goal at Why Franchise is to provide you with the resources needed to be a successful franchise owner. Fill out the form below to get more information about Bin There Dump That franchise and we'll be in touch soon!

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