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Shipping Franchises

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Postal Annex+

While working as a consultant during retirement, Jack Lentz found a need for occasional...

Liquid Capital Required: $50,000
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PostNet provides a wide range of convenient and high-quality design, printing and shipping solutions...

Liquid Capital Required: $60,000
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Shipping Franchises

One major reason why shipping has become easy is the availability of shipping services. People can purchase whatever they want, whether it is a high-priced item like a washing machine, or a tube of toothpaste, without going to a store. Regardless of the size or weight of the item, they can get it shipped to their front door. Thanks to the shipping business that is constantly booming.

Franchise opportunities in shipping are numerous. A shipping franchise can be a beneficial or profitable option for not only franchises and independent businesses. In fact, franchising can be a turn-key approach for a small business

The franchise serves like a UPS Store that provides business owners with earning potential and profit in the postal services industry. If you prefer an individual approach, several independent ship businesses are thriving. 

PostalAnnex, for instance, is one of the top business service franchises that excels at the safe ship. DHL, FEDEX  also expand the franchise concept.  

That means becoming a franchisor of these companies can help you establish your direct mail business and get necessary financial services. You can also connect to postal services working in the shipping industry to kick start your UPS store franchise. 

Here is everything you need to know about shipping franchise opportunities you can opt for.


Low start-up costs If you want to keep the initial costs of the business low, you may aim for mail centers or direct business-to-business service. The cost is minimal, but you need to choose the right location. The best location is one that has no competitors or rival services nearby and is on the main roadway. You need shipping material, a bar code printer, shelving, scanner, labels and printer, computers, cash registers, and credit card readers at a minimum to get started. Diverse Business Opportunities Convenience is the primary factor clients consider when choosing a shipping franchise and Pak mail, for instance, are the top companies as they offer convenient waste removal and shipping service. By franchising with them, you can also offer value-added services that make your franchise a one-stop-shop. You can add the following services when your business needs them; Faxing, photocopying, and laminating services wire transfer, and Money order services such as Western Union Shipping and packing supplies Office supplies Personal services such as gift wrapping Mail Rentals
You don’t need business cards or other promotional stuff to let people find you when ordering something from an e-commerce service with a shipping franchise business. Call Why Franchise to determine the best shipping business model.