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ATC Healthcare Services

For nearly 40 years, ATC Healthcare has navigated the nuances of healthcare professional staffing....

Liquid Capital Required: $150,000
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Express Employment Professionals

Founded in 1983 and headquartered in Oklahoma City, Express Employment Professionals began franchising in...

Liquid Capital Required: $50,000
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Labor Finders

Since 1975, Labor Finders has had a simple and clear mission: treat workers and...

Liquid Capital Required: $35,000
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Each Nextaff office is locally owned and operated, which allows our clients to work...

Liquid Capital Required: $150,000
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Our Mission At PrideStaff, it’s all about you. Whether you’re an entry level worker...

Liquid Capital Required: $150,000 - $200,000
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Remedy Intelligent Staffing LLC

Remedy Intelligent Staffing is a nationwide professional staffing organization with over 50 years of...

Liquid Capital Required: $50,000 - $100,000
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Spherion Staffing

Spherion ( is a leading recruiting and staffing provider, specializing in temporary and direct...

Liquid Capital Required: $100,000
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Employment & Staffing Franchise Opportunities For Hire Success

With the job market being tough than it already is during these turbulent times, it’s becoming tough to find a job for those who demand a set schedule. Not only is flexibility a demand, but those who are new job seekers also have difficulty finding what best fits them.

If you have an entrepreneur mindset, have a background in human resources, or simply enjoy helping people get their dream jobs, perhaps you may want to look into starting up your own staffing business.

When managed correctly, your staffing/recruiting franchise can grow and be very profitable. When it comes to a staffing firm, keep in mind there will be many moving parts, from managers, franchisors, and companies. You need to keep in mind a few things on your path to becoming a staffing franchisee. 1. Knowing your skillset Before you start your franchise business, you need to identify if you have specific skills to succeed in the industry. You must know where and how to: Find employees, Find clients, Match clients and employees, Manage personnel/employees 2. Determining your business model and costs, Legal setup expenses Computers, Software (HR, accounting, payroll, testing, and training), Office space, Insurance
With business laying off and furloughing employees, right now is the best time to start your staffing solutions business. Many staffing franchises offer temporary staffing, health care, and even a chance to network with companies and other staff members. Take a look at these benefits when it comes to franchising in a staffing franchise. 1. Industry growth and demand The demand for staffing solutions is constantly growing at this moment. People are always finding new ways to grow their career paths and gain more money into their pockets. 2.Established System A franchise already has proven they can make a profit. By opening up a staffing franchise, especially when unemployment is high, you will not need to fear failing. 3.Vertical Market Flexibility Understanding what sectors employees work in is always good to know. If you know the market and your employees' needs, then you will succeed.
When it comes to our work life in 2020-2021, we have come a long way. Many people have always wanted to work from home. The pandemic has granted many wishes, making it great for these staffing companies to hire more people under their roof. Many of these franchise owners have even found a way to expand their staffing services instead of using the traditional job-seeking model, such as direct hire. Remote As stated above, many people have transitioned from an office environment to working at home. Many people have found that they work better from home due to their lifestyle. Many people have children, attend school, etc. Working remotely has been the best way for many businesses to continue profiting. Social Media The internet had been a growing phenomenon—especially social media. We're constantly connected to our technological devices that we pretty much do everything from them. Many businesses, including staffing solutions businesses, have created job opportunities from social media to reach more people.
When opening up a staffing franchise, there are many things to keep in mind. You have to keep in mind that businesses today are constantly evolving to stay up to par with their competitors. Opening up a staffing agency allows you to immerse yourself in an explosive industry that is constantly in touch with top company professionals. Many recruiters find that a staffing agency franchises best work in your community. Local businesses have been a great deal during this pandemic, especially if you know your community and know those who are struggling to find a job, you will succeed. Here's your chance to start your own business and become a professional staffing recruiter in your area. This industry is full of business opportunities not only for your clients but for you as well. Remember, when opening a franchise, you will have full support from your franchisor, from back-office support, investment, franchise systems, and more.